IMG_0600-764x1024As a parent of a Rose Circle youth, you are showing your commitment
to the healthy development of your son or daughter. Whether your child is involved in a mentoring circle or a one-to-one match, you are also making a commitment to helping him or her make it to meetings on time and to follow through with the full duration of the program.

Parents are always invited to Rose Circle potlucks and other special events. Please join our mailing list so that you can stay up to date. We value your participation in our community of families, volunteers, friends, and supporters.

One-to-one matches require an extra commitment on the part of the parent. Each month, our staff will call you or meet with you in person in order to ask you a few questions about how the match is going. This is a very important part of supporting the match, and we ask that you are prompt with returning phone calls and notifying our office of any changes in address or other contact details.

All parents may be asked to complete surveys and evaluations for The Rose Circle. These evaluations help us to gather feedback in order to increase the effectiveness of our programs. We sincerely appreciate your assistance.

Our staff is here to help answer any questions that arise. You are always welcome to call our office at (541) 646-1252 and we will respond as soon as we are able.

With your participation, we will do our best to ensure that every one-to-one match and mentoring circle succeeds. Together, we can help our youth to grow up healthy, happy, and resilient… one youth, one circle, one family at a time.

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