Trained and screened Rose Circle mentors, age 18 and up, lead mentoring circles for youth age 10-24 in schools, community organizations, and other locations throughout Jackson County, Oregon. Mentors 21 years and older can also be matched in one-to-one mentoring relationships that help youth develop self-esteem, social skills, and important life skills. By being a positive role model for youth, we help ensure that the youth we serve will have a better future.

Each mentoring circle has two adult mentors and typically 4-10 youth.  Currently we offer circles at Central Medford High, Armadillo Technical Institute (ATI), Talent Middle School, and Talent Boys and Girls Club.   Young mothers’ circles are offered in partnership with Family Support and Connections.

As a Circle Mentor, you are responsible for understanding the circle model which is covered extensively during the Mentor Training. This represents the heart of the Rose Circle. Mentors are responsible to come to each meeting with some plan of activity. A Circle Manual and ideas from other Mentors give a wealth of possibilities that connect activity with reflection for the youth. Because the first order of business is a Check-in by each person in the circle, there may arise a topic of consideration that would pre-empt any plan you might have brought. Flexibility is another wonderful trait of a Mentor.

We also offer one-to-one mentoring. As a one-on-one Mentor, you will be paired with a youth to form a friendship where you may do simple things that you both enjoy. You may get together every week or every other week to have fun and maybe expose the youth to activities that they wouldn’t normally experience. Just hanging out together becomes meaningful when a bond begins to develop.

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