YVC-GroupOur mentoring circles are safe environments where youth get to know themselves
, their peers, and responsible adults. Trained mentors lead participants in check-ins, activities (including games, projects, and more) and reflection exercises that help youth to develop positive relationships, social skills, self-confidence, good decision-making ability, and other developmental assets.

The Rose Circle Mentoring Network offers a supplement to school, family, counseling, and other systems of support. Our circles and one-to-one matches are relevant for youth of all backgrounds, and are founded on the 40 Developmental Assets, which are essential building blocks for healthy development.

“Thank you for giving my daughter a safe place where she can open her heart and be acknowledged. She loves being part of The Rose Circle.”

– Parent of a circle participant

Wouldn’t it be great for all youth to learn how to make choices based on something other than cultural and peer pressure – to make choices based on their real selves? What would it be like to join a group of peers where the goal was not to compete or judge, but to cooperate and learn from each other? These are just some of the intentions that we hold for all of our youth here at The Rose Circle.

IMG_0600-764x1024Create community by listening,

Discover you’re unique but not alone,

Support and celebrate your peers.

This is the work of The Rose Circle…

Creating connection, one youth, one circle at a time.


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