image_13322008501181332200863_mobileThe Rose Circle approach to mentorship training begins with the premise that with a small but deliberate shift in perspective, a person can move into the mode of listening deeply, asking questions and guiding a young person into their own realizations as opposed to the well-worn methods of fixing, advising and telling from one’s own place of judgment and assumption. These cultural patterns are deep for all of us and many people still find their lives plagued with childhood issues.

“How can I be a mentor for young people when I still find myself with judgments that trigger my own wounds?”

We propose that with the intention and desire to notice these patterns, the ability to manage them in a different way arises. Having the passion to offer your presence in a circle or one-on-one relationship is a blessing in spite of what patterns one still may have.

Enter Humbly

A sense of relief has come to mentors when realizing that they need not have the answers to the many situations that are brought by the youth. This is not about having all the answers. It is about being there to listen, finding value in their own developing sense of self and guiding them when there is some appropriate course to take. The Mentor serves as a role model who offers encouragement and witness to what the youth brings. The mentor asks interesting questions that can stimulate thinking in an individual or develop conversation within the circle.

Being Held in A Container

The Mentors are not alone as they sit in the circle with 6-9 youth or if they are spending time with an individual young person. In the circle, each Mentor has a partner that works with them. This partnership is the primary relationship that influences the young people. Working together in a flow, and respecting and listening to each other demonstrates a way of Being for the boys and girls. Our Program Director is always in the background, available for reflection and conversation with the Mentors about challenges that may be going on in the circle, whether among the youth or within themselves. Mentor circles are held once a month for all Mentors where priceless experiences are shared among the Mentors. And surrounding the Mentors are even more women and men holding the intention of the Rose Circle. We are gifted with extensive resources and it’s a wonderful thing to offer our attention in the direction of the youth in our community.

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