This agreement is to be signed by all volunteer mentors of The Rose Circle.

The mission of The Rose Circle Mentoring Network is to support, engage, and empower youth through mentoring. In the interest of the youth whom we serve, volunteer mentors of The Rose Circle Mentoring Network commit to improving the life of youth by observing the following code of conduct:

As a mentor, I will:

  • Treat youth in a respectful way at all times.
  • Conduct myself in a manner consistent with my position as a positive role model to youth, and as a representative of The Rose Circle.
  • Maintain confidentiality as required by HIPPA law with the exception of mandatory reporting under Oregon State Law.
  • Meet with my mentee(s) regularly, for a minimum of 4 hours/month.
  • Participate in monthly phone and/or in-person check-ins with the Program Director. Circle mentors will also provide monthly online reports and attendance for their circle(s).
  • Participate in required ongoing trainings and Monthly Mentor Meetings as outlined in the Mentor Job Description.
  • Limit my involvement in a youth’s life to what is deemed appropriate to the agency. Volunteer mentors are seen as an influence, not a dominant factor, in the youth’s life.
  • Discuss problems, issues, concerns, or changes of circumstances (change of address, phone number, etc.) in a timely manner with the Program Director or other staff. This includes keeping car insurance, fingerprints, and driving record up to date.
  • Make sure that seatbelts are always worn while my mentee is in the car, and always drive safely and responsibly when transporting youth.
  • Refuse to accept, and refrain from giving expensive gifts from/to youth or their families. Your time is the gift! Material gifts are to be modest, not exceeding $100 value per year.
  • Report suspected abuse to Rose Circle staff and DHS or law enforcement. I understand that failure to report suspected abuse to civil authorities is, according to the law, a misdemeanor.
  • Cooperate fully in any investigation of child abuse.
  • In the event of match closure, I will be sensitive to the impact that this can have on the youth, and take the necessary steps to minimize upset to the youth. All matches are to be formally closed by the Program Director.

As a mentor, I will not:

  • Engage in any behavior that may be perceived as being sexual and/or abusive with the mentee(s) or any member of the mentee(s) family.
  • Bring mentee(s) into my home. Instead, I will seek out public and observable activities to do with my mentee(s). Exceptions may occasionally be made after a match duration of one year with prior written Program Director and parental permission.
  • Engage in any illegal activity in the presence of my mentee(s).
  • Smoke or use tobacco products (including e-Cigarettes) in the presence of youth.
  • Use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the presence of youth.
  • Leave my mentee(s) alone without the supervision of a Rose Circle mentor.