A circle is a safe place to talk about things that you are thinking about in your own life.

A circle is a place to have fun while learning to explore and understand yourself and others.

A circle is a place to make friends.

A circle is a place for you to listen to others speak about things going on in your  life. You will learn about confidentiality and how this contributes to making the circle a safe place for this kind of sharing. The circle is a place where the skills of listening, witnessing, sharing and supporting each other are modeled and taught.

Would you like to be part of a circle that meets at your school, or a community circle that meets on the weekends or after school? We offer circles for youth ages 10-24: The Rose Circle for girls, and Circle of Trust for boys.

Circles are currently active in Medford, Talent, and Ashland. New circles are forming all the time. If you want to join a circle, contact us and we’ll be in touch about current opportunities.


What school circle members say about their circle:

“Rose Circle really helps me express my thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. It has helped me grow to trust the people in the circle and connect with my peers. Having the option to do Rose Circle during school is very amazing and I really appreciate the time our facilitators take out of their day to help us out. I love Rose Circle.”


“[Because of circle,] I feel more comfortable speaking up.”


“[I like] that I get to be able to tell people about me and share my thoughts with them.”


“[Because of circle,] I feel more positive.”