In the autumn of 2005, a number of women in our community came together to explore ways of mentoring girls through their adolescent years. The Rose Circle was born out of a nine-month visioning process. Our innovative Mentor Trainings highlight mentorship and circle facilitation skills, as well as providing an introduction to the culture and philosophy of The Rose Circle. In September 2008, we opened our mentor training and mentor services to men and boys.

The first girls’ circle began in Ashland in March of 2006 with nine girls, two adult Mentors and two Junior Mentors from Ashland High School. The circle is a place where the skills of listening, witnessing, sharing and supporting each other are modeled and taught. Now, most of our circles take place in the schools or other on-site locations.

We continue to learn about the authentic meaning of circles and mentoring. Our natural inclination as women and men is to create a safe space in which girls and boys can be seen and known, thereby coming to better know themselves. We, as Mentors, are also held in a larger circle into which we can be seen and known ­– and increasingly come to know ourselves. This design of concentric circles includes you, the larger community that holds and appreciates the value of the new paradigm in expression through this organization.

Enjoy this interview about the history, values and activities of the Rose Circle.