We have many opportunities to volunteer and will find the right fit for YOU!

To find out when our next 2-Day Mentor Training will be held and to sign up for the interest list, go here.

For the steps needed to complete the application and screening process, go here. 

Circle or One-on-One Mentors may be professionals – teachers, business owners, counselors or doctors – or they may be parents, grandparents, ministers or artists.  If you are inspired by the idea of offering something to youth in our community, then you have the pre-requisite for becoming a Mentor.

Mentors draw upon their own experiences to help young people to navigate the challenges of growing up. Mentors strive to be compassionate listeners, friends, and supporters of the youth they mentor. As much as possible, they put their own issues aside in order to be present for the young people they serve.

Mentors are positive role models for youth, and thus are asked to act in a responsible, legal, and ethical manner at all times.

A one-year commitment is required for any mentor relationship and attendance at the monthly Mentor Circles and Mini-Training Sessions is imperative for on-going skill-building and connection with the other Mentors.

To discover if  this commitment is the right thing for you, please read the Mentor Job Description . All potential volunteers must complete our mentor training prior to mentoring. Once you have completed Mentor Training, we also have an application, interview, and background check process required for all mentors.

We ask for a minimum commitment of 4 hours per month of contact time with your mentee(s). Including our required trainings and ongoing support, the average minimum time commitment for one-to-one and circle mentors is around 5 hours per month.

Feel free to contact us with additional questions.


“What we have found as mentors, I believe, is that the girls reap great benefits from this circle within their school. They have expressed that it helps them get to know people they wouldn’t otherwise hang out with in the school. They have also expressed how much trust they find in circle and how much it helps them go through their daily lives, realizing that they share a lot of things in common, gaining communication skills and receiving support in difficult times. One of our girls was interviewed by a local TV show a few weeks ago and she told the journalist that circle was the highlight of her week, something she was always looking forward to. She can get support from peers and mentors and express things she cannot share with her parents in a safe and supportive place.”

“Attending movies and plays have provided a great springboard for some of our best conversations on a variety of topics, ranging from the challenges of relationship, vulnerability, and trust issues to choices, boundaries, expectations, and goals. I let her set the pace. Sometimes it is clear she has something on her mind she wants to discuss. Sometimes we just keep it light, laugh, drink coffee, and enjoy the moment.”