2-Siskiyou-circle-girls-3-13A circle gathers once a week
, usually for one hour, for anywhere from six weeks to a whole school year. You’ll see the same faces each week, and your friendships will grow as you get to know one another. A circle is a special experience, and its members often become close over time.

Two Mentors are trained to guide your circle. The Mentors are trained to create the context for the circles but you and other circle members determine what you would like to do in the circle. What topics are of interest? What activities do you want to do together? Speak up, and your mentors will listen.

YVC-GroupThe circle is a special place where you are free to be yourself.
 However much you bring to the circle is how much you will get out of it. It is important to respect others by listening. Know that, when it is your turn to share, others will then offer you the same respect.

Through activities and discussions, the circle develops over time. Every session is different, but they are all an exploration: a chance to explore yourself, and learn about others and the world.

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