Bobbie photoBobbie Pulver


Bobbie retired in 2012 after 30 years supporting faculty, staff and students at SOU. Bobbie learned the importance of developing trusted friendships and positive adult connections outside the family while attending an all-girls boarding high school. She co-founded her first official women’s group in Klamath Falls in 1974 and in the 90’s co-founded the Rogue Valley’s Sister Source, an organization which helped women connect and build circles.  Bobbie’s current women’s group has been meeting for more than 30 year


Regina Ayars


Regina retired from working in the high tech industry in  the bay area for twenty years in 2001. She moved to Ashland and has volunteered for many non-profits  (CASA, Ashland Food Project, Uncle Foods Diner) and served on several boards of directors; Peace House, League of Women Voters(LWV) of Ashland, American Association of University Women (AAUW) of Ashland, Options for Homeless Residents of Ashland (OHRA). She also served as the Ashland Community Resource Center (ACRC)Volunteer Coordinator. Regina joined the Rose Circle Mentoring Network board in the fall of 2014. She is also active in local government serving on the Ashland Housing and Human Services Commission. She ran for City Council in 2012.
Regina has a daughter living in Portland and has traveled extensively internationally.


Judy Casad


Judy Casad has resided in Talent for 38 years.  Over the years she has been dedicated to helping youth.  Being a 4-H Swine leader for over  20 years broadened her passion for pigs and youth.  She has worked  as an assistant director for 4-H camp the past 20+ years.  Recently she retired from her job àt Talent Middle School as Registrar and Leadership advisor.  Once again her passion for youth mentoring surfaced with the leadership program.  Serving on the Community Accountability Board has opened other ways to assist teenagers. Judy says that being on the Rose Circle board is quite an honor.