Karsten PetersonKarsten Peterson

Karsten Peterson is currently serving as Chair of The Rose Circle Board. She has dedicated herself as a mentor, board member and employee of The Rose Circle Mentoring Network over the past 5 years. Karsten has a background in mediation, facilitation, and community building. She is actively involved in circle work and deeply believes in the power of mentorship.

Bobbie Pulver

Bobbie photo

Bobbie retired in 2012 after 30 years supporting faculty, staff and students at SOU. Bobbie learned the importance of developing trusted friendships and positive adult connections outside the family while attending an all-girls boarding high school. She co-founded her first official women’s group in Klamath Falls in 1974 and in the 90’s co-founded the Rogue Valley’s Sister Source, an organization which helped women connect and build circles.  Bobbie’s current women’s group has been meeting for more than 30 years.


Megan ArmstrongMegan

Megan Armstrong has 12 years experience working with young people and teens in Jackson County. Her experience has been mainly working in residential settings for Community Justice and Mental Health Treatment Programs. Her favorite part of working in these programs has been facilitating skill building groups that teach cognitive development, emotional management skills, communication skills, and social skills to young people. Megan currently works for Family Solutions where she trains and certifies Treatment Foster Parents to provide a therapeutic environment that will help develop cognitive, emotional and social growth in the young ladies and young men in the foster care program. She believes that empowering youth to live a deliberate life, where they can rejoice in their own uniqueness and find healthy connections in their world, is the greatest gift there is. The Rose Circle has a mission close to her heart and she is happy to be a part of the team as a mentor and board member.

Brandon Atkins


Brandon Atkins teaches psychology at RCC in the Social Sciences and Humanities Departments.  He is also a Navigation Coach at RCC for Early Childhood Education/English as Second Language students (VESL).  Brandon has been working with youth for more than ten years. He currently volunteers in many youth Restorative Justice Programs, including the Detention Center Program (Jackson County Detention Center and Mediation Works) and Restorative Mentoring Circles (Mediation Works and BoystoMen.)  Brandon is a member of the Community Accountability Board (CAB Medford), and is a mediator involving youth-victim restorative dialogues (Mediation Works).   Brandon wants to address the needs of our youth and connect adults with youth in our community. He sees the Rose Circle as a great opportunity to support and address those needs.