ellen-1Ellen Craine Board Chair, helped birth the Rose Circle in 2005, along with many other women.  Since then, she has served as a volunteer mentor, Program Director, Executive Director (2013-2015) and now Board Chair.  Ellen has a rich background in teaching, training, mediation, facilitation and community organizing.  She has a particular love for the power of mentoring to make a difference in the lives of youth.  In her “retirement” she enjoys dance, creative writing, hiking, and traveling.



Bob Bury has been a successful CEO with small businesses during his fast-moving, 20-year career. He has held senior executive positions with large market leaders such as Sears, REI, and Harry & David. Bob has expertise and hands-on experience in strategic planning with new startup organizations, emerging businesses, and turnaround situations. He has an enthusiastic approach and appreciates new opportunities to create/revitalize marketing strategies and streamlining organizations processes.


Stephanie Koerella joined the Board of Directors in 2017. For the past twelve years, Stephanie led and organized overseas community service trips for teenagers in China, Australia, and the Caribbean. With a background in marine science and a mind for logistics, Stephanie hopes to tease out the data that will confirm what she already knows to be true from her own life- that having a mentor can make all the difference. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys knitting, running, cooking huge meals (and making an even bigger mess), and camping with her husband.



Kate Meza joined the Board of Directors in 2017. Kate has a background in management, leading, mentoring, and teaching youth and families.  For over ten years, Kate has dedicated herself to helping others in the mental health field and has extensive experience working with her community in the Rogue Valley.  Kate is passionate about supporting, engaging, and empowering youth through mentoring and has a creative approach to breathing new life into an organization. She hopes to create new marketing strategies, community connections, and bring an enthusiastic team spirit to build a strong board of directors and a connected community.





Todd Iversen, Board Treasurer,  joined the Board of Directors of the Rose Circle in 2016.  With over 15 years in various leadership and management roles in the software industry, Todd brings extensive organizational, operational and financial management skills to the Rose Circle.  Having been the beneficiary of many formal and informal mentoring relationships both in his personal and professional life, Todd is passionate about fulfilling and strengthening the mission of the Rose Circle to serve the community’s need for youth mentoring in the Rogue Valley.








Advisory Council

taylorTaylor Kohn, MA, LPC, is one of the founding members of the Rose Circle and has lived the Rogue Valley since 1986. She has worked in educational, non-profit and governmental agencies focused primarily on serving low-income individuals and families. She advised students at SOU, counseled youth at Lithia Springs School, served as director of the Jackson County CASA program, and oversaw employment and training programs for youth and adults at The Job Council. For the past 22 years, she has worked at the Oregon Department of Human Services in leadership and consultant roles. As part of her roles, she has developed leadership programs, strength-based skills training and team-building strategies. Taylor has served on many community and non-profit groups in both Jackson and Josephine counties focused on increasing social justice and services for low-income people. She enjoys communing with nature and creating structures with clay and other natural building materials. Taylor Kohn is a founding member in 2006 and recently rejoined the board again in 2015 and is the Chair.


Leslie S Lanes‘ passion in life is the awakening of consciousness through to authenticity.  Using the tools of Mediation and Facilitation, her Lesliework with individuals, couples and organizations has been to this end.   A Convener of The Millionth Circle International Initiative, Leslie’s teaching of circle work joined with others at the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women over several years.  Leslie’s interest in advancing girls’ and boys’ circles and youth mentoring has been fueled by these and other experiences. Since it’s inception in 2005, she helped start and develop The Rose Circle Mentoring Network, a non-profit organization in southern Oregon training women and men to be mentors for girls and boys – highlighting healthy community expression through authentic engagement between the generations. Leslie counts herself a part of a worldwide network of individuals who are becoming aware of each other and of the unfolding of an enlightened society.



Karsten Peterson has been involved with The Rose Circle since 2007, serving as circle mentor, executive director, and board chair. Karsten has a fullsizerender-1background in mediation and facilitation and is currently working on earning her Master’s of Social Work through Portland State University. Karsten spends time with her family, in nature, and in circle.



daniel-murphyDaniel Murphy promotes scientifically grounded “human flourishing” through Integrity of Life Services, LLC.  A trainer, adult educator, life coach, and strategic planner, Daniel has a passion for fostering “good fathering”:  encouraging fathers and fathers-in-the-making (young adult men) to thrive in all aspects of their lives.  Daniel recently completed an in-depth inquiry into positive young adult development, and is writing a book (See ME!) about how caring adults can encourage young adults to flourish.  Daniel and Debra, his wife, have six children–all in the young adult years (ages 18-34).  Daniel can be reached at 541.613.0654, or by e-mail at daniel@integrityoflife.com.

*** Other Advisory Council bios to come.