Background Check

  • The backgound check is processed federally through the Oregon Department of Human Services CRIMS database. You will be asked for four references and be required to upload a copy of your Driver's License or ID to process this information. Your information will be submitted and you will receive further instructions for obtaining your fingerprints. Criminal background is not in itself grounds for denying an application.

  • Background Check Unit (BCU) Information and Authorization

  • Have you ever been charged, arrested and/or convicted of a crime? (Leave these fields blank if this is not true.)

  • For each arrest, charge or conviction you list, attach pages and provide as much information as possible regarding the incident

    If you have potentially disqualifying convictions or conditions, the Background Check Unit (BCU) must consider several factors to determine the risk of vulnerable individuals and your fitness to hold the position. Please provide any information about the details of your criminal history, yourself, your training, education, work history, treatment and circumstances since your criminal history that you want the BCU to weigh. Add additional pages if needed.

    I understand that criminal records check, which may include a national criminal records check requiring fingerprints, will be completed on me. I understand that an abuse check will be completed on me. The BCU may share information with a designee at the facility associated with this request. My submission f this electronic signature authorizes the BCU to request and receive any juvenile, police, court, or investigation reports needed to complete this background check. In the event potentially disqualifying abuse is discovered, I will be notified at the address or email that I have given and asked to provide additional information.

    I authorize, the BCU to process, this background check request. I understand the background check may be repeated during the time I hold this position.